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Rajiv Prasad

Rajiv Prasad is the Founder and  Chief Innovation Officer of Web Epoch Interactive, Inc.. He is celebrating 21 years in business as a Web & Mobile Development and digital marketing firm.

He is the creator of Epoch Slide™, an enterprise presentation management solution for updating and maintaining company’s slide library. Your teams use Epoch Slide™ to build better presentations faster than the competitor to close more deals.

Mr. Prasad got his 1st job as a “purchasing manager” in the computer industry back in 1985, his 2nd job consulting AutoCAD in 1986 and in 1987 he started his 1st business consulting CAD/CAM with emphasis 3D Models.

Rajiv & Dylan posing for a studio shot.  His best friend for 10 years.



He got Lea & Dylan at 3 months young in Sept 2004. Lea at 12 is very active and alert.



Mr. Prasad & Lea welcome a new addition to the family by way of Rescue Dino.

Meet Dino

Dino at Watch