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11/7/16…Octopus moves up!


From the chairman of the ASL:

Latest All-Species List Top Ten

  1. Dog
  2. Elephant
  3. Tiger
  4. Southwest African Lion
  5. Great White Shark
  6. Grizzly Bear (includes Kodiak and Brown Bears)
  7. Octopus…up 1 on heels of more positive press
  8. Pig
  9. Wolverine
  10. Mallard

Others knocking on the door…Gorilla, Leopard Seal, Orca, Hawk, Hippo, Wolf, Ocelot, Mountain Lion, Rhino, crocodile, Yak, Snow Leopard, Raven, Swift and Polar Bear.

From the Irish Independent, 11/7/16:

A Danish backpacker has had a lucky escape after accidentally “body slamming” a crocodile in Western Australia.

Johnny Bonde was treated in hospital for deep cuts to his right arm after the animal attacked him at Lake Kununurra on Friday.

The 27-year-old told The West Australian he had spotted the freshwater crocodile in the water and had perched on the bank to take photographs of it before losing his footing.

He said: “Next thing I know I’m sliding down the bank and then I just toppled over and landed straight on top of the croc.

“He got a pretty good grip on me and shook me around a bit.

“There was just splashing and I could feel a bit of pain in my arm.  It wasn’t that bad though – I was more shocked than anything.”

A video obtained by the newspaper showed Mr. Bonde holding his bloodied right arm above a sink.

He said he initially tried to brush off the experience, but realized he would have to go to hospital when the wound would not stop bleeding….

This latest incident comes just days after footage of a similar attack in the country’s Northern Territory emerged, showing a tour guide almost losing an arm when he leaned over the side of a boat as a crocodile leapt out of the water to bite him.


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