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11/21/16…Turkey Enters Top Ten!

Wild Turkey


From the chairman of the ASL Board:

Latest All-Species List Top Ten

1. Dog
2. Elephant
3. Tiger
4. Southwest African Lion
5. Great White Shark
6. Grizzly Bear (includes Kodiak and Brown Bears)
7. Octopus
8. Turkey
9. Wolverine
10. Mallard

‘Turkey’ replaces ‘Pig’, though this could be a seasonal thing, you understand.

Others knocking on the door…Gorilla, Leopard Seal, Orca, Hawk, Hippo, Wolf, Ocelot, Mountain Lion, Rhino, Crocodile, Yak, Snow Leopard, Raven, Swift and Polar Bear.

‘Man’ is mired in the 330 slot.

And in Maryland last week, the state recorded its first-ever bear attack, with a woman in Frederick being mauled seriously as she walked in her driveway. The bear, which had a radio collar from previous incidents, was then tracked and killed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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