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The All-Species List, a proprietary label for all of God’s creatures, including Man, had its genesis in’s long-running Bar Chat column, now over 20 years old and nearing 2,200 articles.  Bar Chat focuses mostly on sports, but what else do we talk about, sitting with our friends, having an adult beverage?

Among other things, animal attack stories!  Shark attacks.  Rabid beavers.  Stealthy mountain lions or grizzly bears ripping apart unsuspecting hikers.  And we also talk about man’s best friend…Dog.  There are no “rescue cats,” a friend of mine always says.

Well, I thought why not put all the species in order.  As good as Man can be, in our charity work and after natural disasters, Man can be vicious, brutal…think Syria.  Man is also prone to be a jerk in our simple interactions with our fellow man.  Like failing to help the elderly across the street, or in our distracted driving and imperiling innocents.  Ergo, Man doesn’t stand a chance of ever cracking the Top Ten, frankly.

So this is how it all started.  Now I am taking the “All-Species List” to the next level.  Granted, Dog is going to be tough to dislodge.

No one else in the world has come up with a list of this kind, and it will be the definitive one.


Brian Trumbore, Editor,

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About Brian Trumbore

Brian Trumbore is the Editor of  After 16 years on Wall Street,  last as National Sales Manager at PIMCO Funds, Trumbore chucked it all in 1999 to travel and comment on the world scene.  His “Week in Review” column is the single best source for all you need to know concerning global financial markets and geopolitics.  Ditto “Bar Chat,” for sports, music and the animal kingdom.  This last bit is the genesis of the “All-Species List.”

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Rajiv Prasad is the Founder and  Chief Innovation Officer of Web Epoch Interactive, Inc.. He is celebrating 21 years in business as a Web & Mobile Development and digital marketing firm.

He is the creator of Epoch Slide™, an enterprise presentation management solution for updating and maintaining company’s slide library. Your teams use Epoch Slide™ to build better presentations faster than the competitor to close more deals.

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